5 Reasons Your Daughter Needs Martial Arts Lessons

5 Reasons Your Daughter Needs Martial Arts Lessons

November 16, 2016

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows (well that is what Rocky Balboa said) but you do not need me to tell you this.

The simple fact is that crime does happen and it happens to nice people, but what is shocking is the data available that shows just what a problem it is.

According to this site 1 in 6 women in the United States has been either a victim of a rape attempt or completed rape. Yes, this is shocking.

So what is the answer?

Well, the solution is clearly a complex one, but for the short term, I believe that martial arts and self-defence lessons for young females are key to safety.

You will notice that I said martial arts and self-defence lessons and not courses. Let me explain.

Without a doubt, some knowledge is better than none, but the delusion that a 2-hour course will give anyone the skills to defeat a determined attacker is pure fantasy. That is not to say it will not help them or is of benefit. But we want our daughters to have skills that last a lifetime and that only comes with regular practice.

So here are our five reasons why your daughter your should take martial arts lessons, enjoy.


1. It Will Teach Your Daughter To Overcome Adversity

Martial arts training is tough. Bumps, bruises and defeats occur on a  weekly basis. But this is all part of the process of transformation that the martial arts bring.

After the bumps heal, the sour taste of defeat goes away, and the bruises fade you will have a daughter that knows she can overcome odds that others find impossible. She will be able to fight hard and know that she can take what life throws at her and she can keep moving forward (and yes I stole that from Rocky as well)


2. It Will Teach Your Daughter To Kick Ass (When She Needs To)

From the guy that won't take no for an answer, to the weird man that is following her home. A lifetime of martial arts training is like health insurance that bites back!

Your daughter will soon learn to punch and kick with power and or throw the attacker to the ground and break a limb or two. Sure it is not a nice subject, but neither is spending hours in the ER as a victim of an assault.


3. Your Daughter Will Learn All About Respect

The martial arts is a degree course in respect. We bow to each other multiple times both before and after training. We touch gloves, and we shake hands.

But why?

Part of this is to say hello, part of this is to thank you for a good practice and part of this is to say thank you for allowing me to use your body so that I can improve my technique.

There is no sport like the martial arts for this. Your daughter will learn to respect herself and others; she will realise the impact she can have on the human body along with the injury other people can cause her.

But most importantly she will learn that we are all one human race as she meets people from different cultures in her martial arts journey


4. Your Daughter Will Become A Leader

The martial arts create leaders.

Why? Well, it is a case of character growth. We see it time and time again, a student walks in, scared, nervous and then the first lesson ends and they loved it.

But over the years they might get a bloody nose or hurt their arm. Then they recover. They learn to 'read' their opponents in sparring matches; they start to spot opportunities for an attack.

They begin to sharpen their defences and work on their reflexes. They learn to encourage their teammates who are trying to score a point on an opponent; they also discover compassion as they console their friend who lost in the final.

This process creates an inner strength. They walk in a confident manner, their body posture improves, and so does their health.

Over time your daughter will be confident to shout up if she sees injustice. She is prepared to help those who are struggling, and her moral compass will be pointed in the right direction.

These are the qualities of great leaders and the martial arts develops them each week.


5. Your Daughter Will Be Happier

The martial arts does not try and create happiness, but it is a by-product of training.

Your daughter will get fit; she will make new friends, and she will relieve stress in a constructive manner. You will find that her social circle is heavily based on martial arts.

After all, only her teammates will know what she goes through each week (have you ever tried to explain martial arts training to a non-martial arts person!)

Her friends will be people she trusts because she trains with them each week and the martial arts will help to develop a deeper connection between herself and those she becomes close to.

All this adds up to a happier daughter with a healthier body and mind



The martial arts are great for anyone but given the ever-changing world we live in; they are a must for all young females.

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?

If you agree, please spend a few seconds sharing this article to someone you know who has a daughter.

Thanks for reading

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