Whether in the ring or in life "Magic" Mike always gives 100% and lives his life inspired by a quote that motivates him daily:

"Be great. Be a great friend. Be a great worker. Be greatful. BE GREAT."

This approach to life has kept him motivated from high school wrestling to professional MMA and all of the steps of his journey between, including All-American Honors at Grand Canyon University.

Currently traning out of The Lab in Glendale, Arziona, under Head Coach John Crouch and Striking Instructors Master Eddie Cha and Will Beech, "Magic" Mike is off to a great start in his professional career.  

"Being surrounded by great coaches and great fighters, pushes me to the limit everyday and inspires me to work hard and achieve greatness."


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A warrior shares his journey

Name: Michael Hamel

Sport: Mixed Martial Arts

Hometown: Green River, Wyoming

Height/weight: 5'9"/145 lbs

Favorite work-out song: Mind Your Manners - Chiddy Bang

Favorite post-work-out meal: Steak and Mashed Potatoes

What you do when you’re not training: I am a very social person so for the most part I like to surround myself with my friends, family, and girlfriend. When I am not out running around with my friends I like to get out of the city and into the mountains to hunt or camp.

Proudest accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment would have to be earning All-American status at the NCAA D2 tournament. I overcame a great deal of adversity that season so to end it with that honor was a huge accomplishment for me.

Toughest moment and how you persevered through it: The toughest moment I had in my life was when I was released from the team at the University of Wyoming. I thought my wrestling career was over and it made me hate the sport I had loved my whole life and I questioned if I ever was going to do it again. I ended up going to watch a tournament my old teammates were competing in and decided I wasn't done. Without telling anyone I called the GCU coach and signed with them in the same day, packed up my car and moved a week later in the middle of the season. I ended up becoming an All-American that year and fell back in love with the greatest sport there is.

What does being a Human Weapon mean to you: Being a Human Weapon means that I am a fighter. Not just in the physical standpoint but in every aspect of life. It means I fight for the things I love and care about.

Advice to others on their warrior’s journey: You can't control your health or your talent, but you can control your work ethic. Don't let anyone out work you!

Follow Magic Mike on:

Facebook: Michael Hammy Hamel

Instagram: mhamel145

Twitter: magicmikemma

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