ThE delicate balance of Yin & Yang

As a practitioner of both Yoga and Martial Arts, Chris has discovered that they represent two sides of the same coin.  Although expressed differently, both challenge you to look inwards for mental and spiritual strength which in turn help provide mastery over the physical.

Chris' passion for both yoga and martial arts and the positive impact they have had on his life, led him to leave his corporate job and focus on his passion of helping others discover health and wellness through the practice of Budokon yoga.  On a daily basis he shares his life lessons with others to inspire them on their own journeys of self-discovery.

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Hamsa Fist

The Hamsa Hand of protection and MMA Yogi's own Hamsa Fist represent the delicate balance between yin & yang in yoga and martial arts.


NAMASLAY whatever you put your mind to!  In the yoga studio, MMA cage or anything between, remember to always give it your all and never give up.


A true Human Weapon never seeks conflict, but is prepared for battle. Walk in confidence with a strong hand and a gentle heart.


hamsa fist

Yin & Yang, hard and soft, dark and light.  Find your balance in this super soft tank with the Hamsa Hand and Chris' own Hamsa Fist.


Bring out your inner Yogi and support Chris with this NAMASLAY tank.  Be the best version of yourself and always give 100%.


We are all Peaceful Warriors, fighting for what we believe in.  Stand out in style with this soft and stunning racerback tank.

A warrior shares his journey - Chris Haynes

Name: Chris Haynes

Sport: Yoga (Budokon / Hatha), Mixed Martial Arts (Kung-Fu, JKD, Muay Thai, BJJ)

Hometown: San Jose, California

Height/weight: 5’9" / 185 lbs

Favorite work-out song: Vince Staples - BagBak

Favorite post-work-out meal: Steel Cut Oatmeal | Protein Powder | Banana

What you do when you’re not training: I have positioned my life to be in a perpetual state of training. While physical training is extremely important, one cannot envelop the true personification of the Human Weapon without mental training. When I am not training my body, I am most often training my mind through books, mentors, and meditative activities.

Proudest accomplishment: Giving my parents hugs after receiving my degree from University of California Davis (especially my father). This accomplishment was especially meaningful, because I was the first person in my dads immediate family to graduate from college.

Toughest moment and how you persevered through it: Walking away from a stable and high paying tech job to pursue my dreams of teaching yoga, martial arts, and fitness training. I persevered by leading with both my heart and mind and viewing all perceivable obstacles as opportunities.

What does being a Human Weapon mean to you: To me the Human Weapon is spiritually athletic in nature and practice; maintaining the ability to instill grace and express gratitude through movement, stillness, and transition. The Human Weapon is mentally adept - calm, but alert; relaxed, but ready; smooth, but sharp; humble, yet confident.

Advice to others on their warrior’s journey: Never forget that the obstacle is the way. One can make excuse after excuse as to why they’re unhappy and or don’t live the life they wish they could. The story we tell ourselves about our situation defines our situation. Manage your perceptions, act wisely, and remain steadfast even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Have courage! The only way to turn theory into reality is by ACTION!

Start…build momentum. START!

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Men's Body Length 27.5 - 28 28.5 - 29 29.5 - 30 30.5 - 31 31.5 - 32
Men's Chest 36 - 36 39 - 41 42 - 44 45 - 48 49 - 52
Women's Body Length 25.375 - 26.5 26 - 27 26.5 - 27.5 27 - 28.5 27.5 - 28.5
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