Why Traditional Martial Arts Are Making A Comeback

Why Traditional Martial Arts Are Making A Comeback

November 25, 2016

We see martial arts all the time. In films, on TV and now the UFC has taken them mainstream.

However, even though we see countless MMA gyms popping up, the small struggling traditional martial arts have been going through a drought. But it needn't be that way, nor do I think it will be forever.

In fact, in this article we look at why Traditional Martial Arts are making a big comeback.


What Is A Traditional Martial Art?

For the sake of typing (my fingers ache) let us refer to traditional martial arts as TMA. But what are they?

Well, these are the martial arts with a long history, often they are referred to as classical martial arts. Things such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate.

There is no real defining point that makes a TMA, but I think we all know most wear uniforms and have been around for some time and are often linked to specific countries.


Why Are They Going To Make A Comeback?

Ahh, the bit that all TMA instructors want to hear, but you will have to wait just a little bit longer before I set the scene.

Right now we have a huge MMA scene; it is massive and growing fast. But have you ever wondered what is going to happen to all these young tough as nails fighters when they get older?

MMA is tough, damn even thinking of going back to those days of sparring, ground and pound gives me a heart palpitation.

Sure I loved it back in the day (it was called Vale Tudo then) but I also lost half a tooth, came home with injuries every week and by muscles ached from fighting hard.

These days I like my martial arts experience to make me sweat, smile and learn. Not kill or be killed!

This is exactly why TMA will grow again. Because right now we see a huge explosion in MMA and this can/ will lead to an indirect growth in TMA.

Once a martial artist, always a martial artist.


Running Water Never Grows Stale

I am fast approaching 40 years of age, and I have back issues, finger issues, and my nose looks as if I walked into far too many doors.

Sure I am young still, and I want to train, but I do not want to fight 20-year-olds that want to be the next Conor McGregor. 'I have done that shit to death'!

That being said I am proud of my journey in the martial arts and I will be damned if I am going to let a little thing like age stop me.

This is where TMA steps in.

I want an art that not only physically stimulates me but also mentally. I want an escape from work. A place to destress and not have to worry about having my block taken off.

I know how to fight; self-defence is no longer my main worry. But I want to stay fit, keep the Dads Bod in check and stay healthy. And sure keeping sharp is another good reason to keep training. After all, you never know if some scumbag will come looking for trouble.


TMA Is The Before MMA And After

If TMA wants to go head to head with MMA, it will lose in a marketing battle. But it does not have to be that way.

TMA is heavily focused on discipline and respect, and these are qualities that make it very effective for younger children. Also, all the proven self-defense benefits of TMA make them an easy option for parents looking for a great way for their child to make friends, get in shape and also learn self-defence.

For that reason TMA is very often a family activity, my kids go to Judo with me know, and they love it.


TMA Teaches Respect and Discipline

The traditional martial arts are places where philosophy, discipline and respect all meet. This is what people do not see when they see MMA fights on TV. However, inside the dojo we know there is a crucial difference.

TMA focuses on not only the development of fighting skill but also the internal aspects that make us human. The TMA is not about fighting and self defence, yes they are part of it. Instead TMA is about developing a person so they do not have to fight.



Many think that TMA is a thing of the past, this is not the case. Nor is it in a fight against MMA.

Instead, being involved in traditional martial arts is like being in an extended family. One that you will learn to appreciate a martial art, not only for its physical attributes but for its depth of structure, technique and the intangible assets it delivers into your life such as friendship and fun.

So while TMA has certainly seen a downturn lately, our theory sees it growing very soon.

What do you think?


The Human Weapon Media Team




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