The Hyland TWINS - Nathan & Nolan

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The Hyland Twins, Nathan and Nolan, entered the world minutes apart and forged through life staying by each other’s side.  They are men of many talents: fighters, rugby players, and businessmen-former owners of Rage in the Cage, the second longest running MMA promotion in the country.  Originally from Pittsburg, PA they both now reside in Gilbert, AZ and are active in the Arizona fight scene.  The Hyland Twins live and breathe the philosophy and lifestyle that is martial arts – Strength, Discipline, Sacrifice and Respect.

They took time out from their training to share a little bit about themselves with the Human Weapon Family.




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Sport: Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Height/weight: 5'10'' (175 walk around, 155-Lightweight-fight weight)

Favorite work-out song: Ready Steady Go (Korean Style) - Paul Oakenfold

Favorite post-work-out meal: Indian Food Buffet

What you do when you’re not training: Career as Live Events Manager at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, read fantasy novels, and cook.

Proudest accomplishment: Finished the Rachel Carson 34 Mile Adventure Race near the top at just over 10 hours

Toughest moment and how you persevered through it: Battling depression and anxiety in my late teens/ early twenties. I battled through it with a combination of counseling, clinging to my loved ones for support, and immersed myself in fitness and martial arts. It is what truly spawned my commitment to a life of martial arts and self fulfillment. 

What does being a Human Weapon mean to you: Being a human weapon for me means possessing the confidence to defend myself and others, but vowing to never misuse my skills; always being disciplined and using diplomacy and resolve before resorting to violence. To always feel in control and know my mind is the greatest weapon I posses. 

Advice to others on their warrior’s journey: Martial arts is not about being a tough guy or proving you can beat other people physically. The battle you wage is against yourself. Defeating your ego, your anger, your doubt and building your ability to believe in yourself and grow as a human. 

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"Rollin" Nolan Hyland

Sport: Mixed Martial Arts

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Height/weight: 5'9/172lbs

Favorite work-out song: "Super-massive Black Hole" by Muse

Favorite post-work-out meal: Fetuccini Alfredo and meatballs from Rigatony's 

What you do when you’re not training: writing, traveling, coming up with new business ideas.

Proudest accomplishment: Becoming a dad to an awesome boy named Donovan.

Toughest moment and how you persevered through it: Literally losing myself mentally in a string of bad concussions. I promised myself I would get better, take time off, and get back to training when I was healthy. A year and a half later I am the strongest version of myself that's ever existed.

What does being a Human Weapon mean to you: Human Weapon, to me, means being a finely sharpened weapon in all aspects of life. Every day I choose to sharpen myself to conquer my adversaries in life and to advance on all viable opportunities. 

Advice to others on their warrior’s journey: We all have our own missions, agenda's, and conquests on our own respective journeys. But whatever you choose to do... Operate with conviction, compassion, and for the common good. 

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Instagram: RollinNolanHyland

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